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Modelling the Present Day Climate of Antarctica

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Antarctica presents unique challenges to scientists; it is remote, difficult to access, hazardous, uncomfortable and has only a few, short time series of observations. The large scale of the continent also poses some unique problems for regional climate modelling and only two groups have so far managed to make successful regional climate simulations for the whole continent. Characterising climate change in Antarctica is particularly important in Denmark as the Antarctic contribution to sea level will affect low-lying countries in Europe more acutely than that of Greenland.

The recent success at DMI in applying the HIRHAM5 climate model to Greenland could now be replicated in a similar study in Antarctica. We therefore seek a motivated candidate work with Dr. Ruth Mottram and Dr. Peter Langen at DMI in setting up and running a new climate simulation over Antarctica, using the regional climate model HIRHAM5 with its state-of-the-art surface mass balance scheme. The aim is to produce a dataset that can be applied to DTU-Space altimetry data in order to estimate surface elevation change and Antarctic ice sheet mass balance. Results from Greenland are very encouraging and having the same model to make estimates of precipitation and snowpack process for both ice sheets would be particularly useful.

Output from the runs will be made available to the scientific community for forcing ice sheet models and studying the present day climate of Antarctica in unprecedented detail. We also aim to submit the simulation output to the CORDEX programme. A further aim of this project is to contribute surface mass balance data to the IMBIE2 project. IMBIE2 aims to estimate the full contribution of glaciers and ice sheets to sea level rise,

The candidate will learn to run the model and assist in setting up a new domain over Antarctica as well as post-processing model output and performing evaluation studies against existing observational datasets. Should more than one candidate be available we would also like to extend this work with both past and future climate simulations of Antarctica.

This is an outstanding opportunity to work with a world-leading climate modelling institute and gain experience of climate modelling in general and Antarctic climate in particular.

The successful candidate should have some experience of computer programming and be comfortable working in the linux environment. Experience with data analysis and graph plotting in python (matplotlib) or MATLAB is also an advantage. Knowledge of FORTRAN is an advantage but not required as is a background in physics, maths, computer science, geophysics or atmospheric science. DMI is a Danish institution with many international staff and the working language can be either Danish or English.

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Dr. Ruth Mottram and Dr. Peter Langen at DMI

Experience of programming and comfortable with the linux environment. Experience with data analysis and graph plotting in python/MATLAB. Knowledge of FORTRAN is an advantage.


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Sebastian Bjerregaard Simonsen



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Sebastian Bjerregaard Simonsen


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