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Proteoomics in Molecular Medicine Johan Palmfeldt, PhD, Assoc Professor Research unit for Molecular Medicine / Molekylærmedicinsk Forskningsenhed Olof Palmes Alle 49 Aarhus University Hospital Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University E-mail: Introduction Examples of Projects Proteomics developed tremendiously in the recent years by Type 1 Diabetes 1. Circulating immune cells as biomarkers of diabetes the development of ever more sensitive, fast and precise mass spectrometry methods (MS). MS is the main workhorse for both identification and quantification of peptides/proteins as well as metabolites. MS can quantify thousands of proteins or characterize single proteins in detail. MS proteomics is thus a central tool in research of disease mechanisms and protein biomarker discovery. Complex V, ATP synthase 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 .20 .00 .80 .60 .40 .20 .00 * * * * * * Bioenergetics profiling of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) is a minimally invasive assessment of cellular and mitochondrial function and can mirror systemic changes within the body. Research unit for Molecular Medicine (RUMM) We have observed alterations in bioenergetics and metabolic enzymes of PBMCs in patients with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes. Bioenergetics and proteomics data will now be validated in a higher number of The RUMM laboratory has extensive expertise in studying links between proteome, cellular stress and metabolism and to integrate lab data with clinical patient parameters. The research is bed-to-bench-to-bed oriented (Fig 1). RUMM patients, to elucidate the exact links to disease severity. ( ca 15 employees) performs research projects within Chemical proteomics molecular mechanisms of diseases, with the focus on metabolic disorders, mitochondrial medicine and proteomics. RUMM also performs projects within chemical proteomics and characterization of single proteins. 2 . Mapping how newly synthesed drugs bind single target proteins - - Chemical modification of proteins Intact proteins are analyzed by state-of-the-art MS Diagnosis Mol. Med forskning -The novel combinations of chemical+protein is a special type of Proteoforms. Plasma etc Cells from patients Animal models - be studied, to guide drug development. Amino acid site specific information is obtained and functional effects on protein can Sulfide – the gasoregulator 3. Treatment of encephalopathy and cancer by targeting sulfide For specific research studies Endogenous gasotransmitter Exogenous Mitokondrier - - - Oxidative stress protection Neuroprotection Figure 1. Different sample types are used at RUMM to perform translational molecular medicine. Cardiovascular protection Methods RUMM is a fully equipped research unit with instrumentation for molecular biology, culturing and phenotypic characterization of cells, cellular bioenergetics Inherited encephalopathy is caused by toxic accumulation of sulfide. The disease causes death within the first decade and only alleviating treatment exists. Sulfide regulating enzymes have also been linked to colon cancer. ( Proteomics is performed using nano-LC/MS-MS on Q- Exactive Plus mass spectrometers (Thermo). Seahorse), and proteomics. Sulfide directed treatment will be performed in cell culture models and established protein biomarkers are measured to assess treatment effect. 1 D- Separation Gel fractionation Digestion with trypsin Summary Protein mixtures -RUMM = Molekylærmedicinsk forskningsenhed is open for student research projects and research colloboration. Bioinformatics -RUMM has a friendly atmosphere with a nicely mixed staff group, and has modern laboratories next to Aarhus University Hospital. MS/MS ( Q-Exactive Orbitrap) Figure 2. Example of a procedure overview going from biological sample to quantitative data of thousands of proteins. Don’t hesitate to ask for project possibilities !

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