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An ingenious and determined electrical engineer skilled in a wide range of
automation and robotic systems. Analytical, curious, and driven by a results-
oriented working, I have worked on diverse projects in large teams. Skilled
at understanding project requirements and working on client-centric prob-
lems. Excellent proficiency in English.

Robotics Python Control Systems Management Programming  

Opdateret 05. februar 2021
Min uddannelse
2018 - 2020

MSc, Engineering

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU

My specialization in automation and robot technology involves extensive
expertise in the theoretical and practical aspects of designing control sys-
tems. I have worked with robotics frameworks like ROS and am well-versed
with the theoretical underpinnings of intelligent and autonomous control
and its applications to modern robotics. I also completed advanced courses
in stochastic systems and am proficient with the fundamental concepts of
project management and delivery.
Uddannelsesområde: Elektro & Telekommunikation
Periode: oktober 2018 - oktober 2020
2014 - 2018

BSc. Electronic and IT

Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

This comprehensive four-year degree provided me with a strong mathematical background in digital signal processing, robotics, control systems, digital electronics, and microelectronics. I have also completed advanced courses in digital image processing, computer architecture, and data structures. My bachelor thesis was centered around the detection of roadside signs using fuzzy-rule based detection coupled with a Speeded Up Robust Feature (SURF) based recognition system.
Uddannelsesområde: Elektro & Telekommunikation
Periode: juni 2014 - maj 2018
Min erhvervserfaring
2020 - 2020

Feasibility Study for Green Fuel Production Plants

DTU Management Engineering

I worked on a feasibility study with the School of Management Engineering at DTU & Alfa Laval A/S on the erection & commissioning of 1000 TPD green fuel production plants
Arbejdsområde: Projektledelse
Periode: januar 2020 - januar 2020
2019 - 2019

Rule-based Autonomous Small Mobile Robot Navigation


As a capstone project, I designed the navigation system for an autonomous
small mobile robot equipped with onboard laser scanners. The highlight of
our system was its truly-autonomous and fault-tolerant nature - designed
using a set of ordered cascading rules to navigate while concurrently avoid-
ing unpredictable situations.
Arbejdsområde: IT - Software
Periode: marts 2019 - maj 2019
2018 - 2018

Medium-Duty Robotic Arm Design


Executed a design project to enable a medium-duty robotic arm to grip and
manipulate small objects. Our proposed solution uses a series of reference-
frame transformations from a robot-agnostic task coordinate system to a
robot coordinate system. Consequently, our proposed system only requires
task-specific coordinates to place an object with high accuracy. We demonstrated
our proposed solution on the UR5 collaborative arms developed by
Universal Robots.
Arbejdsområde: IT - Software
Periode: november 2018 - december 2018
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control system electronics management python robotics
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