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I am a goal-focused certified litigation lawyer from New Zealand. Seeking to leverage proven hearing, preparation, and negotiation skills. I've maintained high quality results with 95% client satisfaction, while maintaining high level of trust and confidence of the client and the profession.

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Opdateret 09. februar 2021
Min uddannelse
2011 - 2018


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Uddannelsesområde: Jura
Periode: januar 2011 - december 2018
Min erhvervserfaring
2021 - nu

In-House Lawyer

Vores Asylbørn

Drafting and reviewing documents.
Research admissible evidence.
Interview clients.
Collaborate with lawyers.
Built strong reputation for the charity.
Providing legal services to clients seeking asylum in Denmark
Arbejdsområde: Jura
Periode: februar 2021 - nu
2021 - 2021


Colin Eason Lawyers

Providing legal aid for criminal law and family law clients
  • Drafting and reviewing documents.
  • Research and interpreting legislation.
  • Litigating in the District Court and High Court.
  • Negotiate with police and probations.
  • Assisting senior lawyers with their client matters in court.
  • Billing.
  • Interview, consult and advise clients of their legal issues.

  • Duties
  • Achieved 95% success rate in all matters with client satisfaction.
  • Developed strong analytical skills for issue spotting.
  • Successfully administered and advocating for 20+ clients at any onetime.
  • Collaborated with other agencies to consult on favourable outcomes for the client.
  • Successfully negotiated difficult and time pressured files.
  • Impressive time management - contributing to successful client service.
  • Building trust to collaborate and negotiate for the firm in the greater legal networks.
  • - Minimised contractual risks for the firm while still maintaining a high standard of practice.
    Arbejdsområde: Jura
    Periode: februar 2021 - juli 2021
    2020 - 2021

    Barrister and Solicitor

    Joseph Tupaea Lawyers

  • Drafting and reviewing documents.
  • Litigating in the District Court and High Court.
  • Billing.
  • Interview, consult and advise clients of their legal issues.

  • Achievements:
  • Successfully administered 30+ clients facing matters before the criminal court.
  • Successfully litigating bail for repeat breaches of detention sentences.
  • Collaborated with lawyers to seek optimal solutions for clients.
  • Experienced at drafting affidavits for clients wanting to seek shared custody of a child.
  • Provided evidential research to release a client from custody.
  • Successful negotiator to deal with difficult and time pressured tasks with other organisations.
  • - Providing criminal and family law legal aid.
    Arbejdsområde: Jura
    Periode: juni 2020 - februar 2021
    2017 - 2018


    Colin Eason Lawyers

  • Drafting and reviewing documents.
  • Research and interpreting legislation.
  • Appearances in the District Court, Family Court and Youth Court.

  • Achievements:
  • Experience at drafting court documents, trust documents, and some contract documents.
  • Developed strong analytical skills to issue spotting.
  • - Experienced researcher for criminal cases involving imprisonment.
    Arbejdsområde: Jura
    Periode: november 2017 - februar 2018
    2014 - 2015

    Case worker

    Community Law Centre Canterbury

  • Interview clients on various legal issues -i.e. contracts, charges.
  • Research and interpreting regulation, legislation and case law.
  • - Consult with a lawyer on a resolution or further options.
    Arbejdsområde: Jura
    Periode: juni 2014 - juni 2015
    2012 - 2014

    Executive member

    Maori Law Society

  • Monthly meetings to conduct business of the society.
  • Write legal opinions on policies or bills going through parliament.
  • Collaborate with all law faculties concerning the welfare of Maori students.
  • Organise biannual society conferences for all practitioners, judges and students to collaborate on legal issues, network and continue professional development.

  • Achievements:
  • Efficient drafter of legal opinions under time pressure.
  • Experience planner and facilitator, whilst studying towards my degree.
  • - Built trust and recognition amongst the practitioners, judiciary and students for my accomplishments on the executive.
    Arbejdsområde: Jura
    Periode: august 2012 - august 2014
    Mine kompetencer
    drafting documents litigation researching
    Sprog på arbejdsniveau
    danish english maori samoan
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