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In a few professional words I am hardworking, hold analytical thoughts, challenge loving and a believer of team spirit. SDG is deeply rooted in the philanthropist inside me. Gender equivalence is the parallel focal point along with the career growth. Team work-collaboration-reflexivity-sustainability are the key words to identify me as a colleague

Strategic communicator | Customer oriented | Collaborative facilitator | Diversity advocate | Available to challenges.  

Opdateret 15. oktober 2022
Min uddannelse
2019 - 2021

Cand.mag. i Kultur, Kommunikation og Globalisering

Aalborg Universitet

Uddannelsesområde: Humaniora
Periode: oktober 2019 - december 2021
Min erhvervserfaring
2021 - nu

Assistant to service team

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

I have done the Master's thesis on Liva's organizational leadership pattern in empowering women with a prism pattern of intersectional understanding. I am also a part-time service assistant here, doing the student job. Responsibilities here I hold are:
• Assisting the administration with meal planning and organizing for crews and inmates. Collaborating with in-mates for daily needs. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
• Maintaining daily report and stock update.
• Counselling the inmates and the colleagues in tough periods.
Arbejdsområde: Administration
Periode: august 2021 - nu
2020 - 2020


Virksomhedsnavn skjult

Focused into and analyzed internal communication model for developed gender ratio in mid to higher level of employees. Personal business model was applied to measure the success ratio of the project for self-assessment. I have advocated for the diversity development to the higher authority to modify the current diversity policies for better gender balance in every level of the organization, the vision was alligned with the SDG 5th, gender equality.
Arbejdsområde: Administration
Periode: oktober 2020 - december 2020
2018 - 2019

Executive assistant

Virksomhedsnavn skjult

  • Assisting the Director - Product Supply South Asia, coordinating the office associates in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan, worked as a binary spanner to translate the data to and from the account managers.
  • Helping with SAP-concur updates, visa and banking appointments. Maintaining confidentiality.
  • I was a trusted point with 40% administrative assistance with the transportation and accommodation facilities, visa relevant support for the internal stakeholders from in and out of Bangladesh.
  • I made the hotel accommodation procurement with the cheapest deal during my tenure.
  • Convinced finance manager to shift the employee banking with a better retail bank.
  • Coordinating with other EA from different workstations around the world regarding the monthly reports and presentations were enjoyable as we shared the knowledge and experiences.
  • • Collected data from different segments in the office, collaboration with a smile literally worked for me to get the information before deadline.
    Arbejdsområde: Administration
    Periode: september 2018 - september 2019
    2015 - 2018

    Customer service officer

    Virksomhedsnavn skjult

  • I was much service oriented by ensuring service to customers by sample development, business procession through SAP-MM and prompt communication with internal and external stakeholders up to logistics and billing stages.
  • The business maintenance was fun with the cycle of communication- documentation- monitoring and reporting the procession flow. We worked as a team to gain the targeted sales growth.
  • I was known to the team as fearless as I took any big or small issues to the authority in order to solve it, I was solution-oriented, always.
  • Cheers award is given quarterly to the employees as a recognition of extra ordinary contribution. I got it in 2018, 1st quarter. It was to recognize the contribution to sales and web portal development of the new product.
  • • Diversity improvement was a project we worked voluntarily for the work environment development. Not only gender balance, rather I advocated for the physically challenged people too.
    Arbejdsområde: Salg
    Periode: juni 2015 - september 2018
    Mine kompetencer
    customer service data management leadership organisational management sap
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