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I am a curious, motivated and team-oriented Data Analyst and IT passionate, bringing enthusiasm for data literacy, strong analytical skills, and a willingness to succeed in communicating this knowledge across both technical and non-technical audiences.

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Opdateret 11. maj 2021
Min uddannelse
2019 - 2021

MSc, Modern Artificial Intelligence

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU

  • Have performed 7 advanced Data Science projects within: medical prognosis and diagnosis, deep learning, geo-spatial analytics, database modeling, image analysis, data visualization and graph science, using Python, R (tidyverse, shiny) and SQL languages

  • Participated in a summer exchange programme in 2019 in Finland, focusing on computational engineering (advanced SQL databases, C#), at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)

  • • Licensed project manager in ISO 21500 – Guidance in Project Management, by Dansk Standard
    Uddannelsesområde: IT
    Periode: februar 2019 - juni 2021
    2019 - 2019


    Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

  • Queried and managed advanced relational databases using PostgreSQL, mainly working with time-dependent data through SQL triggers and functions, while learning about Advanced Database Programming best practices from renowned Prof. Bernhard Thalheim, Germany

  • Programmed and designed a Unity 2D platform-styled game in C#, while learning from skilled Italian game designers and developers from Studio Clangore and National Research Council (Italy) about Game Design and UX

  • Applied TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) model-based methodology to improve the engineering of biowaste holder products through function analysis, trimming and Cause-Effect Chain Analysis+ (CECA+), while being supervised by TRIZ Experts: Prof. Leonid Chechurin (Russia) and Min-Gyu Lee (South Korea)

  • • Utilized systematic creativity, inventive product design and TRIZ engineering tools to perform system, contradiction and failure analysis case studies on various market products and patents
    Uddannelsesområde: IT
    Periode: juli 2019 - august 2019
    2015 - 2018

    BSc. Naturvidenskab og IT

    Aalborg Universitet

  • Effectively carried out six practical 4-months-long semester projects, collaborating with industry:

  • applied statistics
  • data modeling
  • research & quantitative methods
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • economics & management
  • • software development & object-oriented programming
    Uddannelsesområde: IT
    Periode: september 2015 - juni 2018
    2017 - 2018


    Anden uddannelsesinstitution i udlandet

  • Performed and took leadership of several deep case studies into the business-oriented actions relating to prosperity and downfalls of three Japanese corporations: Nissan Motor Company Ltd; Sony Corporation; Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

  • Analysed and developed a wide perspective over the global, Asian and Japan-related business cases, scenarios, strategies and management practices.

  • • Facilitated (as group leader) a project focused on the financial revival of Japan Airlines Co., Ltd, before the local Japanese department directors of the company.
    Uddannelsesområde: Organisation & Ledelse
    Periode: august 2017 - januar 2018
    Min erhvervserfaring
    2018 - nu

    Student Data Analyst – Threat Management

    Danske Bank

  • Created, optimized, and launched a Machine Learning model for the Cybersecurity department, which is capable of detecting advanced executable threats with ~99.3% detection rate

  • Automated analytics activities for the Cyber Operations team through scripted pipelines for targeted data extraction, scraping and processing of logging events (Python, SQL, APIs)

  • Taken role as IT ambassador for Danske Bank, presenting and communicating our department’s results as speaker at invited guest lectures (DTU) and conference presentations (BSides 2020)

  • • Performed teamwork & collaboration across 2 teams from two countries (Denmark & Lithuania)
    Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
    Periode: oktober 2018 - nu
    2020 - 2020

    Winner Team – Engineering Case Competition 2020

    Novo Nordisk A/S

  • Designed a real solution for solving Novo Nordisk‘s problem of digitally retrieving and accessing real-time data about the calibration status from any portable measurement devices, in a team of 4 skilled students. The solution has been selected for a trial-run implementation in laboratories

  • • Presented the winning solution to the Corporate Vice President (CVP) & senior-level managers from Denmark, Brazil and USA of the organizing department (Diabetes Finished Products – QA)
    Arbejdsområde: Projektledelse
    Periode: juni 2020 - august 2020
    2019 - 2019

    Visiting Researcher - Business Analytics

    The University of Queensland

  • Used market intelligence about price competition within the Sustainable Energy power market, as well as analytics tools (Tableau, Excel), in order to establish a predictive economic model related to the competition between traditional (i.e. coal and gas) and renewable energy sources

  • • Collected economic market data regarding the Australian energy prices through collaboration with skilled team members and professors from South Korea, Singapore, Denmark and Australia
    Arbejdsområde: Forskning & Udvikling
    Periode: juni 2019 - juli 2019
    2018 - 2018

    ICT & Telecommunications - Elite Training Programme “Seeds for the Future”

    Huawei Technologies Denmark ApS

    • Researched the main building blocks in the fields of: Large-scale Data Analytics, Wireless IoT sensors (Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication), VoLTE indoor networks and Cloud Computing
    Arbejdsområde: IT - Netværk & Telekomm.
    Periode: juni 2018 - juli 2018
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