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En performer og en af guds nåde procesoptimerende nørd, der nyder at finde bedre processer og arbejdsgange, at skære til og skabe reel værdi. Sammen med andre gør jeg forskellen.
Jeg er ambitiøs også på andres vegne og teamer up med andre, der vil gøre en reel forskel for organisationen.

Opdateret 08. februar 2020
Min uddannelse
2010 - 2013


Syddansk Universitet (SDU)

Uddannelsesområde: Økonomi & Revision
Periode: september 2010 - juni 2013
Min erhvervserfaring
2015 - nu

Business Controller, Group Finance, DONG Energy

Business Controller in Group Finance, DONG Energy, Gentofte (greater Copenhagen area)

Competencies: Business economics, activity-based costing (ABC), controlling and process optimization
• Controlling of Group Finance (GF) functions with estimated 580 FTEs and a budget of approx. DKK 900m.
• Responsible for the monthly management report including future activities, budget follow-up, forecast and risk mitigation (Excel, SAP FI/CO, SAP BI, Power Point, Smart View, Think Cell).
o After only 1 month I developed a new generic excel-tool to promote more transparency regarding budget follow-up and forecasts (Excel, SAP BI, power point).
• Responsible for the quarterly forecast meetings in GF functions having meetings with manager to SVP level challenging them to “do more with less” (Excel, SAP FI/CO, SAP BI, HFM, HFP) - leading to some of the smallest act. vs. forecast deviations in recent years.
• Being an economic business partner/consultant helping GF functions with daily challenges regarding documentation, cost transparency and process optimization etc. (Excel, SAP FI/CO, SAP BI).
• Making ad hoc presentations to the Board of Directors and CFO/CEO.
Arbejdsområde: Data & analyse
Periode: marts 2015 - nu
2013 - 2015

Project Controller (Academic officer)

Project Controller, The Danish Customs and Tax Administration, Ministry of Taxation, Copenhagen East

Competencies: Business economics, controlling and process optimization
• Controlling a project portfolio of IT development projects (DKK 1.0m -> 1.200m).
• Being an economic business partner for the projects in terms of estimating budgets and forecasts and uncover and minimizing risk (Excel, SAP FI/CO).
o Consulting regarding internal and external reporting, data quality and project planning.
• Responsible for the yearly budget and accounting consolidation of projects (SAP FI/CO, Excel).
• Responsible for the monthly management report including future activities, budget follow-up, forecast, risk and internal resource allocation across the entire IT portfolio.
o From birth to final report – process reduced by 30 %.
• Responsible for the external reporting to various ministries, the official governmental IT Project Council and ad hoc enquiries from journalists, suppliers etc.
• Implementing changes by process optimization/documentation, myth killing, changing the work culture, asking the direct and critical questions.
o Implemented a uniform project budget allocation process.
o Initiated monthly knowledge sharing meetings with other controlling officers.
Arbejdsområde: Økonomi & Forvaltning
Periode: november 2013 - februar 2015
2011 - 2013


President (member since Sep. 2007) of the Resident Representation, Odense

Competencies: Communication and legal aspects
• Contact person between the residents and the Tenant Association – Funen.
• Planning of resident meetings and meetings regarding court cases.
• Explaining of complex legal aspects to my neighbours.
Arbejdsområde: Organisation & Forening
Periode: marts 2011 - juni 2013
2010 - 2012

Board Member

Korea Klubben

Competencies: Business economics and project work/management
• Responsible for the member activities on Funen (dinners, contact to companies and media, exchange students, establishment of a Korean language class etc.).
• Controller in the financial committee and I made process optimization (Excel).
• Implementation of the new home page.
Arbejdsområde: Rådgivning & Support
Periode: oktober 2010 - oktober 2012
2012 - 2012

Graduate Trainee in Korea

Graduate trainee in the Danish Pavilion, World Exposition (EXPO12), South Korea

Competencies: Project work/management and process optimization
• Responsible for the statistical material in the EXPO report (Excel).
• Developed optimization processes and visiting evaluations (Excel).
o On customer feedback, increased sales in the café (approx. 15 %), reduced the queuing, increased the customer video experience etc.
• Worked with communication, PR (updating the homepage) and in the café.
Arbejdsområde: Ledelse & Planlægning
Periode: maj 2012 - august 2012
2010 - 2011

Member of the Academic Studyboard of Economics

University of Southern Denmark

Competencies: Deep academic insight and communication
• Academic optimization of the Bachelor and Master in economics educations.
• Communication to the students about changes in the educational framework.
• Contact to The Economic Council, tutors and other employees.
Arbejdsområde: Undervisning
Periode: januar 2010 - december 2011
2010 - 2011

President of The Economic Council

University of Southern Denmark

Competencies: Communication and project work/management
• Established the council in cooperation with the faculty and a few students.
• Communicator between students and Department of Business and Economics.
• Developed and maintained the homepage of the council.
Arbejdsområde: Undervisning
Periode: januar 2010 - august 2011
2010 - 2010

Student worker

University of Southern Denmark

Competencies: Data analysis and project work
• Responsible for the qualitative tasks regarding the questionnaires (SurveyXact).
• Responsible for the survey on locations (content of the questionnaires, analysis).
• Presented the main results for the university board of directors and management.
Arbejdsområde: Undervisning
Periode: januar 2010 - maj 2010
2009 - 2010

Teaching assistant

University of Southern Denmark

Competencies: Planning and presentation to business and mathematical students
• Planning and presentation of practical exercises (chalk board and by computers).
Arbejdsområde: Undervisning
Periode: september 2009 - januar 2010
2008 - 2009

Student worker

Odense municipality

Competencies: Quantitative analysis and process optimization
• Responsible for the company-forms and I solved various economic assignments.
• Created and maintained various databases (Excel and SAS).
• Made impact measures of the activation and rehabilitation efforts.
Arbejdsområde: Administration
Periode: oktober 2008 - oktober 2009
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