The process of finding a landlord and an employer can be long and filled with unpleasant surprises. Focusing on the search for accommodation, we've got some top tips to make the struggle less real, and especially as an international student you probably have a lot of struggles as it is. So, let’s go through some things to think about when looking for a place to stay as an international student!

1. Start your search early

In some cities, it’s hard to find accommodation simply because there is too much demand and not enough supply to go around. There might also be other imbalances between the two. If you start your search early, you minimize the risk of you ending up not having any place to stay right when starting your adventure. Look for an international platform that gives you the option to search for accommodation for your particular period abroad.

2. Set your standards

What is your price-range? What are the essential characteristics of the preferred place to stay? Are you okay with roomies? Establishing the answer to these questions before you look for places that fit your pre-set standards, can help make the process a lot faster. You might have to give up one thing or another, and you might have to lower your standards, but be sure that you are okay with that decision when making it. Also, make sure to be on a secure platform doing your search.

3. Be out there

You might find a couple of highly preferred options for accommodation while searching. React to these adds and show the landlords that you are interested. If you are active and show interest, there is a larger probability that you will get accepted as a tenant. Make sure to keep up with the listings-situation and spend some time on networking. Make sure you can easily chat with the landlord through a proper channel.

4. Get informed

 Before making the final decision, make sure that you have asked all the questions, so you're not left with any surprises when you move in. Questions like: Are there any additional costs, other papers that are needed, etc.? Most of the information should be readily visible to you when searching online, that way you know that it’s a serious ad you are looking at. You deserve to know the answer to your questions!

5. Secure your spot

As a traveling student myself, there have been some occasions where I’ve been given promises, just to receive a call from the landlord weeks later learning that I cannot rent the room anymore. To avoid this from happening there are a few things you can do. You can, for example, demand the contract to contain the exact dates of your stay and you can require it to be signed. If you are on a platform, you are more protected, and you can relax a bit more, knowing that someone’s got your back.

Now, the only thing that remains is for you to arrive safely at your new home and to start enjoying the good times abroad. You can now start reaping the benefits of your hard work trying to finding a place to sleep. It all starts with a room, and to make finding this place easier for you; you can go to to tick off all of these guidelines mentioned above.

Good luck with finding your new room!